Hazardand Operability Analysis (HAZOP) is a structured and systematic technique with the objectives of:

· Identifying of hazards; and

· Identifying potential operability problem.

Key features of HAZOP are:

· Creative discussion process;

· Positive thinking and frank discussion climate; and

· Path finding for potential solution.

IRC has a team of experienced HAZOP facilitators that can ensure the success implementation of a HAZOP analysis.

IRC also has a team of SMEs of various disciplines to call upon for specialist advice.

HAZOP Method

The HAZOP process utilities deviation guidewords to assist participants to identify issues and manage the discussion. The system under analysis is divided into several nodes ensure review is systematic with no equipment overlooked.

HAZOP Application

HAZOP analysis can be used throughout the development of project from FEED to operational phase.

In design phases, HAZOP is used toensure all potential risk and operability issues fall within the projects ALARP criteria.

In operational phase, HAZOPs are commonly used as part of a MOC process.


HAZOP Application (Extension)

IRC also has experience in the following HAZOP related methods:

· Activity Based HAZOP;

· Batch Operation HAZOP;

· Control HAZOP;

· SAFOP (SAFe OPeration/ProcedureHAZOP).