The construction and operation of a process asset involves large CAPEX as well as OPEX.

The commercial return of these assets is dependent on the reliability, availability and maintainability of the systems and components within the asset.

Therefore the ability to predict future performance of the asset using past and present performance information of similar facilities allows the asset to achieve itsmaximum performance.

IRC can assist clients to quantifying the performance of the asset by developing a RAM model using Flexsim©.


IRC uses Flexsim©, a Monte Carlo based simulation software for modeling, visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing both discrete-event and continuous-flow processes.

Key features of Flexsim©:

· Monte Carlo Simulator.

· Lifecycle Performance, in terms of product delivered.

· Equipment Criticality.

RAM Application

RAM analysis can be used throughout the development of project from concept design to operational phase. Although at each phase of the development, analysis outcomes may differ.

Concept Design: Concept selection, subsystem criticality.

FEED: System performance, subsystem and equipment criticality, system configuration analysis, supply chain analysis.

Detailed Design: System performance, subsystem and equipment criticality, critical spares identification.

Operation: System performancereview, spare equipment quantity review.